Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just playin' around...

on a gorgeous sunny Sunday. I decided to try out my camera and take a few shots of a couple of bracelets I've made recently. I haven't done this in a long time. I used to take photos of my cards ages ago but nothing since then. I had a beautiful sunny window to work with but I think I need to work on the zoom. These aren't close enough, I don't think.

Here's a little silver and pearl beaded bracelet. Just simple and easy, but I like it.

And here's another one, I used the black cinnabar beads and some wooden beads on this one.

And the final one is just three easy little stretchy bracelets, I love the colors of these beads.

Well, that's my first time posting any of my jewellry and after seeing all the players in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup I think I am a little out of my league. I didn't realize there was sooooooo much talent in the soup. My partner, Lynne Bowland, designs gorgeous beads. Her blog, Islandgirl's Insights, showcases how talented she is as I am sure most of you already know. I hope she's OK with having such a beginner like me as her partner. Well, I am sure it'll be a good learning experience for me. You all sure offer lots of inspiration.
Happy Beading,


  1. I like all three... my favorite is the silver with pearls. I tend to wear simple and comfortable even though I make some big and colorful jewelry!

  2. You are NOT out of your league! There is a skill set for EVERYONE -- seriously! So put away that thought, missy! :-)


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