Monday, January 31, 2011

Bead Soup ingredients..

Here's the ingredients I will be sending out to my partner today, I know I am two days late, but had to be done. She's very close to me, so hopefully Canada Post will be on time!

I hope this photo is not too revealing, I wonder if she'll think I got her pink beads!! Maybe I did, mayby I didn't. It is supposed to be a challenge after all, right! But that would just be cruel.

Anyway, here's what will be going out today to Lynne of Islandgirl Insights. I like what I put together, it is totally me. I just hope Lynne likes it!!

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  1. OK that's even worse than the picture I posted on my blog.. at least you could tell what colour the beads were that you were getting! I drove yours to the mainland on Thursday... we didn't have mail delivery here on Thursday weather was too bad and mailed them express post so you should be getting them today! Hope nothing broke as they seemed to rattle more than I thought they should! Anyway if anything broke I'll send replacement beads!

    Have fun!


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