Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday...

Well, this is my first week participating in BTW, I love seeing everyones messes as they create, it makes me feel a bit better about my own.  Here's my messy bead table this morning. This is all the beads and supplies that I used last night while I made a little summery bracelet. What a mess!
And here is the bracelet I made with all that mess. I love blue and green together, I think it just screams summer. 
Well, my kids are on March Break this week and my husband is away on course, so I am the one; the referee, the chief cook and bottle washer, the chauffeur, the fun maker.... I am the one!!  We have to head to the city tonight for my daughter's basketball tourney. I hope they do well (or even better...WIN).
I love to steal a few minutes here and there for me and a little creating, uninterrupted is even better, but not likely.  Oh well, such is the glamourous life I lead.

Have a fun-filled day everyone, whatever it entails!



  1. I like that there are a lot of blues and greens on your beading table, and that the piece you shared is all blues and greens. :) Very summery and I'm sure that color combo encourages creativity all the time. Very nice space you got there!

  2. That's a very pretty bracelet Lisa, I am a big fan of blue and green together.
    Classic combo with the silver makes it a very Summery/ Spring look.

  3. School should be over now... so will you spend the summer being creative or chasing the kids around? Just wish we would get summer weather for more than two days at a time!

    Lovely bracelet!


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